Versatile Media Group was founded in 2006 and works within the heart of Digital Media. VMG’s goal is the continued discovery of new forms of digital media and embracing these forms for everyday life.

Versatile Media Group is a full fledged Digital Media company. Our company aims to set the trend for the platform. As the market is shifts more to the internet and mobile platforms, VMG aims to be on the forefront of such a shift. VMG is part entertainment company and part service. On the entertainment side, VMG uses digital media to entertain and inform. Some of our ventures include digital magazine, G Style Magazine and broadband reality show HolliWorld TV. G Style is a digital magazine that reports on many consumer electronics but more from a “what has style” approach. Then there is HolliWorld.tv. In a time where people turn to the internet for things to watch as well as the Television, VMG’s goal is bring broadband video to our viewers, and become a home to new original content from various sources.

On the service side of Versatile Media Group, VMG becomes the digital arm of our clients business. VMG provides many services to business owners, models, artists, record labels, and becomes the digital extension of their business. Our clients understand that the world has gone “digital” but may know how to join their business into this digital world. This is where VMG comes in, we can centralize and streamline your data, we are on-call to handle your digital needs for you, so you can focus on other areas of your business. With Versatile Media Group, you are assured of working with a company who keep watchful eyes on where the market is heading when it comes to digital media and tend to stay on the forefront of technology.